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Paris entertainments

Paris, certainly, is considered one of favourite cities of tourists from around the world. Famous places are literally overwhelmed with the curious guests of city, here an enthusiastic twitter and flashes of cameras do not grow silent. But it is sometimes desirable simply to visit a quiet situation and feel the atmosphere of this city, enjoying exactly beautyes cities, but not by the amount of like-minded "persons" deciding to visit Paris.

To keep company at that rate any of our wonderful models can you. Refined and well-educated girls, which will become not only magnificent accompaniment but also interesting interlocutor for you, relieving the best minutes of stay in the magic capital of France. Choosing is possible any model, she with pleasure will accompany you in all journeys and walks, from the moment of arrival to departure from Paris. 

So, how is it possible to have fun in Paris, that it was originally and went down in memory for a long time?

It is possible to visit the small and comfortable cafe of "Maison Berthillon" on an island Set-Lewie not far away from Notre Dame and to try most delicious in the world frozen, here it is presented in the most enormous assortment (more than 30 sorts!) at acceptable enough price.

For the lovers of historical and cultural sights a walk can very interesting appear on the district of Monmartre, it is at a desire possible to be rolled on a bus, which are connected by the known district with the train station of Monparnace. It is magnificent possibility to be missed on ancient streets, take a drive on a bridge through Siene, sweep on the archs of Louvre...

It is separately needed to mark the Latin quarter located on the leftside of Siene. Here enormous amount of the most interesting shops, offerings unique things at times even antique. Simply missed on the streets of quarter, it is possible to feel the real charm of Paris, dipped in his past.

It is possible to visit an area of Trokadero, where from the observation deck of Sajo a magnificent kind is opened on the symbol of Paris - Eiffel tower. The best photos of tower are here done exactly, especially in an evening clock, when she overflows millions of lights. In a tower it is needed to visit a restaurant "Jule Verne".

To the number of famous parisian entertainments it is possible to take known "Moulen of Rouje", different the magnificent shows, cabaret of "Crazy Horse", Lido de Paris with unique shows with the special effects, and certainly, Disneyland Park, which compels over and over to believe in wonders. Active night life lovers without problems will find to itself a club to liking, and the variety of bars and restaurants will compel to be even thoughtful, from what to begin a visit and for what stopped.