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Paris restaurants

If you had to visit Paris, then it is necessarily necessary to try the best pretentious novelties of the French kitchen. The enormous variety of cafe and restaurants is enticed tourists, so even the busiest and limited in time the visitor of this magic city will not be able to say no to itself in pleasure to sit even half hour in a beautiful restaurant with the refined interior and wonderful kitchen. 

Deserving accompaniment at the visit of any restaurant (and not only) ready to make to you our magnificent model escort. They correspond to that style and level which is offered by these most beautiful establishments, next to such girl you will be able to a full degree to feel charms the lives presented by Paris. You without problems can choose to itself a companion corresponding to your taste and wishes.

Being in Paris, it is necessarily needed to visit the restaurant of "Le Grand Vefour", which is legally considered one of the most beautiful restaurants not only in France but also in all Europe. It is the real palace, where every detail of interior has the special stylishness, chic menu and service up-to-the-mark.  Who knows, maybe exactly after your dinner-wagon here great Hugo or other celebrities had a rest once, majority from which with pleasure visited this refined establishment. 

A feature of parisian restaurants is their originality, each of them is wonderful in its own way and differs something from all other. For example, restaurant of "Lasserre". In warm weather the roof of this restaurant opens up, opening the magnificent panorama of city before the visitors. however not only it differs restaurant, here chic hall, refined menu from a prominent head-cook, and also magnificent choice of French Wines.

It is needed to visit the restaurant of "La Tour d"Argent", which works in city already not alone century (from 16 centuries). A brandname dish of this restaurant is a duck with a sauce, she is given here from the day of founding and prepares on the original compounding. Every visitor which will order this dish, gets a "certificate", the sequence number of this dish, which prepared specially for him, is indicated in which. 

A visit of any of numerous parisian restaurants is this veritable pleasure. Every establishment offers to the visitors not only delicious dishes, but also magnificent atmosphere of French refinement and charm, luxury and uniqueness. This feeling will not present to you anymore not a single other city of the world...